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Beware of the "Inside" Job

Beware of inside waterproofing companies. They only mask the problem.
Here's how it works:
* Dig up inside your basement to catch the water from the inside
* Route water into a sump pump or pressure release valve and pump it out of the
* Cover the wall with plastic so the moisture that continues to come into your basement
   is not visible
 * Recommend you buy a dehumidifier or air purifier to mask the smell of moisture and
    mildew that will continue to be present in your basement
The truth:
If you were to look behind the plastic on the wall you would see all the moisture and mold that is being trapped because the foundation was not properly sealed from the outside. Some companies claim they waterproof inside and outside. On the inside they catch the water and install the sump pump. On the outside they will go down about a foot and put some plastic and tar on the wall, install a pipe and cover it back up with dirt. This will NOT solve your problem.
Any time there is dirt up against the foundation, vertical cracks in the wall, or clogged downspout or drain tile lines there will  be moisture entering your foundation. By only going down a foot on the outside these problems will not be fixed. You must go all the way down to the bottom of the foundation on the outside, remove all the clay, seal the wall properly, replace the pipes, and backfill the entire foundation with stone in order to solve the problem

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