Permanent Waterproofing Solutions - Guaranteed!
ACE Waterproofing

We waterproof a foundation the right way
. To keep moisture out, we treat the outside of the structure.


We dig on the outside, to the bottom of the foundation. We remove all of the clay dirt that sits against the wall and hull it away.


We clean off the wall and seal it with a coat of cement. This seals any cracks in the wall, gaps in the mortar, or erosion spots caused by constant moisture and water that your foundation has been exposed to over the years.



We seal the wall again with a coat of foundation coating. This makes the wall waterproof.


We install new drain tiles and downspouts made of a durable pipe able to withstand the pressure of the stone when we backfill. The drain tiles are perforated on the bottom to funnel the water away from your foundation, preventing it from rising up over your footer and coming into your basement.

The downspouts, which are a separate line all around the house, are a solid set of pipes which take all of your roof water from your downspouts and contain it so that it does not leak against your foundation. These lines around your house meet at the connection in front of your house, and go out to the storm line in the street.





There is a legitimate reason for having a sump pump in your house.  This is not to catch the water through the walls and pump it out. If your drain tile lines (blue) are lower than the main storm lines in the street (red), or wherever they flow out to, a sump pump is used to pump that water up and into the pipes it flows out to. The foundation is still sealed all the way around the house to prevent water from coming into the foundation. There is usually a 4 inch solid pipe which contains the water and allows it to flow into the sump pump. The pump can be located inside or outside the foundation. Remember, if you are allowing water to enter your foundation walls it will erode away at the block or cement, and cause structural damage.


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