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ACE Structural Repair

Sometimes, the pressure from the outside wall will cause the wall to bow inward

Usually the wall will develop a horizontal crack halfway up from the floor, which will often run the entire length of the wall. This crack will tend to open more in the winter time, and close a little in the summer time. This is because the wet clay outside your foundation wall will freeze and expand in the winter, putting more pressure on your wall, forcing it inward.

The second phase of this structural problem is usually when the wall develops another crack at the bottom of the wall and the wall begins to shift inward more.  The sooner you catch a structural problem the cheaper it is to fix it. If caught early, the wall can be braced and pushed back into place. If not, the wall will have to be completely replaced.
This weakened wall was able to be corrected with our structurally engineered system.


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